Top 20 ERM Solution Companies - 2015

Enterprise Risk Management today deals with identification, assessment, prioritization, measurement and ownership of risks from a pan-industry perspective. Today’s ERM solutions are designed to offer more visibility and ease of reporting on actionable information. Here we present to you the 20 Most Promising ERM Solution Providers 2015.

    Top 20 ERM Solution Companies

  • 1

    A company providing risk analytics solutions and professional services to various organizations globally.

  • 2

    A provider of commodity management solutions

  • 3

    A global provider of end-to-end data analytical solutions to financial institutions by leveraging a comprehensive ERM platform.

  • 4

    Providing extensive expertise in information security, risk management, and regulatory/standards compliance.

  • 5

    Providing consulting, technology and outsourcing services, enabling its clients to transform and perform through technologies

  • 6

    Provides IT audit, security assessment and IT compliance management solutions.

  • 7

    eCompliance focuses on enhancing the safety of the work place by incorporating advanced technologies into risk management process.

  • 8

    Provides intelligence-driven, integrated risk management solutions that enable multinational organizations to operate globally with confidence.

  • 9

    Provider of Investment Risk Management & Compliance Software and Services to enable all types of buy-side sector organizations to accurately and quickly measure the risk.

  • 10

    A provider of ERM solutions for wide array of sectors that enables the clients to predict, asses, and manage the business risks.

  • 11

    A provider of enterprise risk management software solutions for companies of all sizes and across industries.

  • 12

    Offering solutions to detect and prevent potential fraud,manage regulatory compliance, and identify money laundering threats accurately.

  • 13

    Provides powerful technology backed up with expert service from some of the best minds in the industry to manage operational risks

  • 14

    Delivering innovative enterprise software solutions that empower companies to reduce risk and improve the sustainability of their businesses

  • 15

    A company dedicated to and clearly focused on commercial compliance and delivering technological solutions for pharmaceutical companies.

  • 16

    Provider of operational and enterprise risk management solutions.

  • 17

    Premises risk management software which enables businesses to systematically identify and manage operational risk.

  • 18

    An innovative healthcare risk consulting firm dedicated to transforming risk management practices with cutting-edge solutions, unrivaled industry expertise and quantifiable results.

  • 19

    Verisk Health empowers a sustainable, value-based healthcare delivery and payment system with the data services, analytics, and advanced technologies that inform smarter business decisions and reduce risk.

  • 20

    Workiva created Wdesk, a cloud-based productivity platform for enterprises to collect, link, report, and analyze business data with control and accountability.