SNCNEXT: De-Risking the Supplier Network

Laury DiMarco, Co-Founder and Managing Partner
For far too long, geopolitical trade wars, trucker strikes, and natural disasters have been stifling supply chain operations. More recently, the pandemic has worsened the situation— making it difficult for manufacturers and distributors to get things from A to B. The solution then lies within the vast potential of big data, machine learning, AI, and predictive analytics, which can identify and mitigate threats within their supplier network. This is precisely where SNCNEXT makes a world of difference by leveraging these technologies to build reliable and robust supply networks for clients. "We offer clients a 360-degree view of their supply networks and state-of-the-art tools to help them become more proactive in preventing and mitigating their risks," mentions Laury DiMarco, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, SNCNEXT.

SNCNEXT's tools provide clients with the right analytics pertaining to their supply chain, enabling businesses to identify problems before they occur. The company also focuses on remediation by designing effective action plans based on the available information via its proprietary shop floor workbench. It helps clients dynamically control the factory floor, measure productivity, assess effectiveness, and respond to evolving production and customer requirements.

Further, SNCNEXT equips its suppliers with all the data and reports they require to gauge potential weak points. Businesses can thus better collaborate with suppliers and work in areas of cost management, process improvement, and product or service innovation. This is also important for businesses that seek to maintain compliance with the supplier base and meet stringent legal and audit requirements. SNCNEXT's solutions are also ERP agnostic, requiring no additional investments while working with its solutions.
"There is also no licensing requirement to use our tools. Businesses can even test drive our tools for 30 days before making any type of commitment," adds DiMarco. SNCNEXT's robust solutions have enabled several businesses to streamline their supply chain operations by making critical data-driven decisions.

For example, one of its clients was struggling with their long supply chain lead time, making it impossible for them to meet customer deadlines. SNCNEXT examined the situation and went to work, equipping its client with the supporting data to help them model and forecast demand changes more frequently and optimize the supply chain processes to steer demand. They were also able to show the lag was due to the third and fourth tier suppliers, unknown to this client. This significantly reduced the lead time from 40 months to nine months.

We offer clients a 360-degree view of their supply networks and state-of-the-art tools to help them become more proactive in preventing and mitigating their risks

Apart from its comprehensive solutions, SNCNEXT's small yet nimble team of experts brings their extensive technology experience to the table to make its tools more effective and robust. The company also has a dedicated group of technicians who work around the clock to address client queries—in simple and easy-to-understand English—so that businesses can follow all of its inputs with ease.

With such a competent team at SNCNEXT's helm, the company is working towards incorporating new features within its tools, to help operations personnel, supply chain teams, and finance departments collaborate more seamlessly than ever before. It is their ultimate goal to remedy the supply chain vulnerabilities and disruptions that once crippled and stagnated many businesses across the globe. To that end, SNCNEXT is evolving into a true one-stop supply chain intel shop that provides critical insights at their clients' fingertips, enabling them to make better decisions.


East Hartford, CT

Laury DiMarco, Co-Founder and Managing Partner

SNCNEXT is driven by the mission to build reliable and robust supply networks for clients.