SmarTek21: Fortifying Digital Transformation through Comprehensive Risk Management

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Andy Wells, CTO, SmarTek21
While digital transformation creates significant opportunities to improve productivity and develop robust resource management functions within businesses, it also introduces new dimensions of risk in the form of security breaches and regulatory compliance failures. Mitigating such risks has been a continual endeavor for businesses, often requiring a fundamental change at an enterprise level. With a mission of establishing strategic security approaches in digital transformation, SmarTek21,a global leader in intelligent technology transformation, is helping business esalleviate the raft of security threats plaguing enterprises. Bolstered by utilitarian services,including enterprise security, identity, and access management, application and infrastructure security, and data protection/active defense, SmarTek21 redesigns digital transformation frameworks, helping clients chart the course of their digital transformation trajectory with pinpoint accuracy.

SmarTek21 is proficient at resolving concerns stemming from increased utilization of data across an enterprise, exchange of interoperable data sets, and the combination of tools and solutions employed across businesses. The inclusion of IoT devices and robotic process automation broadens the risk profile of businesses. Smartek21’s solutions address these constraints head-on by provisioning tools such as conversational agents that correlate to better interaction, interoperability, and connectivity. AIdriven agents offer a consolidated view of resources and capabilities through machine learning with algorithms.

“Our aim is to give our clients the comfort that can help them drive through the risk and issues that they could face with the digital transformation”, says Andy Wells, CTO, SmarTek21.

Three broad categories of security services are offered to help organizations drive productivity, business growth, and cost-optimization while establishing effective controls around sensitive assets.
Upon engaging with clients, SmarTek21 provides AI and data automation tools, which aid in increasing response times and overall security profiles. Likewise, the company’s cybersecurity services are effective in renderingunified security for cloud, multi-cloud, on-prem, and hybrid infrastructures. The third category consists of secure development services and consulting, which ensures the security of the agile development processes. These pillars of risk management and enterprise security help clients comprehensively fortify their business.

Our aim is to give our clients the comfort that can help them drive through the risk, and issues that they're going to face with the digital transformation

Many industries have benefited from Smartek21’s cutting-edge solutions, and the Telecom industry is one of them. One of SmarTek21’s large mobile telecommunications clients formerly functioned on a simple billing system that charged customers according to the minutes consumed on their phones. The billing procedure was revamped over time to include data and app usage charges, further complicating the process.An absolute expert in tackling such predicaments, Smartek21 generated a standardized bill by consolidating several files,reducing errors by 50 percent and the processing time by 80 percent while alleviating manual input by 30 percent.

Disseminating its services to diverse sectors comprising retail, banking, finance, telecom, and media, Smartek21 has infused digital transformation into healthcare by introducing a conversational agent or a virtual assistant that can support doctors in congregating medical records. This endeavor in the practice of medicine has secured the process of consultation and treatment and reduced the probability of errors. The company also develops workflows tailored to hospital admission, discharge, and post-surgery, ensuring patients get the correct medications in the proper dosing and receive videos of exercises suggested by medical professionals. By helping mitigate a wide variety of risks in the healthcare space and providing practitioners with abundant operational efficiencies, Smartek21’s risk management strategies synergize digital transformation initiatives.


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Andy Wells, CTO, SmarTek21

Smartek21's solutions include data and artificial intelligence (AI) services and software that help businesses change into digital firms that can survive in a data driven future along with risk-management endeavors in digital transformation