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Chris Williamson, National Practice Executive, CIO Advisory Services
“Over the course of Mainline’s 30-year history, a lot has changed in the business technology landscape, but our diligence in helping customers solve their most pressing IT initiatives remains the same,” begins Chris Williamson, National Practice Executive, CIO Advisory Services at Mainline Information Systems. He goes on to mention that most of Mainline’s clients are challenged with one perennial problem—the wide range of threats besetting the business landscape and their fast-evolving nature. Many client teams have inadequate expertise in risk management or security as well as limited time to spend on risk mitigation or research. Moreover, they struggle with the breadth of tools needed to manage their environments and point solutions that mitigate a part of the problem while leaving the other aspects unaddressed. This is exactly what Mainline intends to change.

Mainline’s prowess in the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) domain encompasses assessing and mitigating threats across infrastructure, data and operations. The company takes a holistic approach that delivers the right technical solutions along with the operational best practices and governance needed to maximize clients’ return on investment. Williamson emphasizes, “Our team has had great success partnering with our clients to identify the key risk factors or security issues, implementing a framework for quickly bridging gaps, improving the ease of risk management, and expanding security and risk coverage.”

Mainline’s endpoint security solution includes asset control and proper hardening of endpoints and mobile devices to maintain secure access and use. Given that SMBs have a multitude of endpoint and IoT devices requiring regular auditing and updates, it is imperative that updates and patches are applied in a consistent and timely manner to provide the best defensive surface. Team Mainline brings in unparalleled proficiency in deploying solutions such as MaaS360 and BigFix from IBM to deliver the kind of predictable updating at scale clients require. “Our team’s distinct ability to combine different aspects such as data protection, data security, secure infrastructure, governance and risk management, and process delivery, makes us a preferred partner for security and ERM,” notes Williamson. The high-performance team researches, trains, and delivers solutions that give clients a competitive edge over implementing these technologies themselves.

Our team’s distinct ability to combine different aspects such as data protection, data security, secure infrastructure, governance and risk management, and process delivery, make us a preferred partner for security and ERM

In addition, Mainline’s consulting services team and partners help clients implement the governance processes, intrusion detection solutions, and perform breach/audit reporting that support a full ERM lifecycle.

That is not all; Mainline’s experts have extensive skill sets including advanced analytics, which are used to both predict and eliminate risks while quantifying and visualizing the outcomes, proving the business value of their solutions. From defining a risk governance model that fits clients’ business needs, through scanning and auditing vulnerabilities, all the way to delivering business-aligned solutions and services, Mainline demonstrates how clients can improve their risk management maturity by limiting exposure. The adept Mainline team, in an instance, assisted the new CISO of a large logistics firm with an environment that was bursting at the seams and had recently experienced an outage due to a ransomware attack. On understanding their business needs and thoroughly assessing their workflows, the team discovered redundant tools, accountability gaps, and an overall lack of visibility. Thereafter, Mainline helped the client hire the right talent, consolidate tools, tighten up processes, and implement a series of controls. These, in turn, helped the client identify and ultimately thwart another attack that would have otherwise gone undetected and brought down their operations in North America.

Mainline will continue to invest in mastering and delivering solutions that bring security, visibility, and operational agility to its clients. As a national IBM business partner, Mainline intends to help clients derive maximum value from IBM risk management solutions while empowering them to gain control of their assets, improve governance, and optimize processes and efficiencies.

Mainline Information Systems News

Mainline Information Systems Acquires RTP Technology, Gives Solution Provider Major New York Metro Market

Solution provider Mainline Information Systems Wednesday unveiled one of its largest acquisitions to date with the purchase of RTP Technology.

The acquisition gives Mainline a major presence in the New York metropolitan area, thereby filling a big gap in its coast-to-coast presence, said John McCarthy, president of the Tallahassee, Fla.-based company.

"RTP fills a geographic gap for us," McCarthy told CRN. "All the solution providers I have worked with before had a strong reach in New York. Not Mainline. RTP gives us that reach."

Mainline has been around for about 30 years, and has a strong presence throughout the U.S., with major presences on the West Coast, in Texas and in Boston, McCarthy said.

"New York is an animal in itself," he said. "There's plenty of need in New York. We feel the best way to break into New York is a big step, not a series of baby steps."

McCarthy declined to discuss the financial aspects of the acquisition. However, he did say that RTP is "incredibly profitable," and had about $250 million in revenue in 2018.

With the acquisition, Mainline expects its combined revenue going forward to be close to $1 billion, and expects its final headcount to grow from about 450 people before the acquisition to about 550 people after.

Going forward, RTP will be a wholly owned subsidiary of Mainline, and it will go by the name Mainline RTP, McCarthy said. Ron Robbins, founder and owner of RTP, will continue on as president of Mainline RTP and report to McCarthy.

The acquisition brings together two companies with remarkably similar characteristics, McCarthy said.

"Both of us are private companies," he said. "Both have one owner. Neither has an outside investor. And Mainline has been around for 30 years while RTP has been around for 25 years."

RTP Technology is only the third acquisition Mainline Information Systems has made in the 10 or so years that McCarthy has been with the company. Mainline about six years acquired a small company, Software by Design, for its analytics capabilities. It also did what McCarthy called a "mass hire" by purchasing the "bones" of an unnamed company to get is 20 people.

RTP is based in Paramus, N.J., in the north of the state close to New York City, McCarthy said. Mainline plans to keep that office open, but will also open a larger office in the New York metropolitan area that combines personnel from both RTP and Mainline, he said.

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Tallahassee, FL

Chris Williamson, National Practice Executive, CIO Advisory Services

Mainline is an IT solution provider working across industries serving nearly 2500 clients with 30 years of experience. Advising the best solutions for business needs with the expertise of over 400 IT professionals, Mainline works from the grass level along with the companies to tailor the business solution for them. Accruing international accreditation by the International Enterprise Architecture Institute (iEAi) speaks for their competence. Offering storage solutions that handle data more efficiently and enterprise computing solutions that boost TCO and increase performance and security, Mainline also performs maintenance at a reduced cost.