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David Williams, VP of Industry and Innovation
Organizations in virtually every industry manage hazardous materials in daily operations. Workforce safety and navigating an ever-changing regulatory landscape are essential for companies to achieve operational success. Facilitating compliance with an increasingly complex set of global regulatory standards is difficult and time consuming. But what if organizations could go beyond compliance and leverage actionable data throughout their organization? Effectively managing chemical data is critical to reach EHS goals and align processes with business strategy. SiteHawk is the SaaS solution to making these efforts a reality.

As the global leader in chemical data management, SiteHawk delivers world-class professional services and innovative, cloud-based compliance solutions. SiteHawk’s platform activates Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and chemical data by making information such as a chemical’s location, handling and storage conditions, potential hazards and precautionary instructions easily accessible… and actionable. Leveraging this data throughout a web-based application, SiteHawk integrates chemical data with over 240 regulatory lists, driving effective risk management, reporting and product compliance by delivering transparency about workplace materials and the ingredients that make their way into products. In a world full of risk, SiteHawk clients protect their workplaces, products and communities by elevating chemical data to enable safer, smarter business decisions.

“Aggregating all the relevant data, but more importantly contextualizing them, is a tough task for enterprises across the world, and we are committed to helping such enterprises get over these challenges,” says David Williams, Vice President of Industry and Innovation, SiteHawk. By aggregating data from various systems within an organization and dismantling data silos, the best EHS professionals utilize SiteHawk to reduce the time spent collating the data, and in turn, the incurred costs. Williams asserts that the solution can automate up to 80 percent of chemical management processes and enables users to reduce their chemical data management expenses by up to 62 percent.

From R&D to disposal, SiteHawk offers a full-service solution to chemical data management, including professional Authoring Services and Chemical Inventory Services. With decades of collective authoring experience, the SiteHawk authoring team is unmatched in their expertise and industry knowledge of SDS requirements and best practices.

Since 1993, SiteHawk has delivered innovative technology and world class chemical data management solutions. As one of the first chemical data management providers in the market, SiteHawk helps clients leverage their chemical data and pursue operational excellence. To put it simply, SiteHawk knows chemical data

This team of experienced and highly trained and certified professionals prioritize quality in a collaborative approach with clients to create accurate and thorough documents for any organization.

In addition, the company helps ensure clients have a foundation for compliance with an accurate inventory of the hazardous chemicals on site. SiteHawk’s trained chemical inventory specialists engage with facilities to audit materials and document every chemical product on site requiring an SDS. Williams adds, “They check every container, closet, corner, and space within a facility and make sure that everything is being accounted for. This approach improves accuracy and quality of SDSs with proper classifications of chemicals.” The most effective EHS leaders have experienced inventory audits up to 96 percent faster with SiteHawk Chemical Services, all while enabling business continuity and minimal disruption.

“We look at our customers as partners, understand their chemical space, data, and overall business and then improve their businesses by leveraging best practices. SiteHawk is spending a considerable amount of effort in data analytics, and for us, efficient and complete aggregation of data is of utmost importance as the key to drive better business results for our clients. We endeavor to ensure that the information we provide is easily accessible, comprehensible and complete,” concludes Williams.


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David Williams, VP of Industry and Innovation

SiteHawk is the global leader in chemical data management with innovative, cloud-based compliance solutions and world-class professional services