MeasuredRisk: Redefining How Business Leaders See Risk

Tom Albert, Founder & CEO Organizations today face an array of risks more complex and severe by many orders of magnitude than ever before. With globalization, companies around the world must now understand and counteract a vast web of operational, economic, social, environmental, and geopolitical risks. Among these, cyber risks have emerged as arguably the most predominant and pernicious.

Although there are many technologies available to help companies identify and assess individual indicators of risks, very few can connect all the dots and provide a meaningful holistic picture of multiple asynchronous risks in order to effectively diminish or even neutralize their impact. In addition, though prioritizing business leaders’ access to critical information and ability to make real-time decisions is paramount to rectifying one common cause of subpar enterprise risk mitigation, there are no other solutions specifically oriented toward the C-Suite. Identifying these sorts of deficiencies in the market and recognizing the compelling need for a platform that can connect and analyze every risk indicator and also enable business leaders to make risk-related decisions in the business context, led to the genesis of MeasuredRisk. Founded in 2015, MeasuredRisk is dedicated to redefining how companies see risk.

Headquartered in Arlington, VA, MeasuredRisk is the brainchild of Tom Albert, who is well-known as the ‘go-to-guy’ in risk management and cybersecurity through his extensive experience and impressive track record. Under Albert’s leadership, the company nurtures a culture of multi-disciplinary diversity, bringing together world-class experts from across cybersecurity, IT operations, business continuity, geopolitics, international intelligence, human factors analysis, and big data analytics. This collaborative approach is key to helping different business functions within an organization mitigate impending risk, and more effectively absorb and nimbly respond to the impact of unavoidable risk.

Connecting the Dots

While most players in the market only focus on cyberthreats, MeasuredRisk differentiates itself with a technology architecture that allows the company to harvest both raw and transformed data from multiple disparate sources. After gathering structured and unstructured data from both original source and third-party technologies, and covering many categories of risk, the company’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform distills information specifically relevant only to any given organization.

We are building real-time decision support for leaders around the world empowering them to make determinations when they need to at that very time

The more typical, myopic approach to collecting and viewing data fails to give a broader picture covering the entire spectrum of risk categories. By contrast, MeasuredRisk focuses on connecting the different data points by networking key risk indicators and mapping them to business-specific criteria. Designed for C-Level consumption, MeasuredRisk’s comprehensive business risk management platform leverages statistical modeling and multi-disciplinary subject matter expertise to help business functions collaborate, enabling business leaders to make informed risk decisions. Albert points out that the conventional approach taken by the vast majority of solution providers is to provide an inside-out view of an organization’s risks. MeasuredRisk’s dynamic risk model, on the other hand, presents a multi-brand organization with an outside-in view of multiple risks, ranging from cyber, operational, economic, social, environmental, and geopolitical, whether local, regional, global, or a combination of all.

Artificial Intelligence to Mitigate Real Risk

One of the biggest differentiators for MeasuredRisk is that while most solutions in the market are inherently dependent on integration into an organization’s IT infrastructure to function, MeasuredRisk can provide a hawk’s eye view into an organization’s risks even before they formally sign contracts. Albert further emphasizes that other firm’s solutions which depend on integrating with their client’s IT infrastructure are susceptible to myriad problems and might actually increase risk vulnerabilities. These predictably include situations where the systems don’t integrate as expected or information exchange fails, and organizations end up with a very complex, and often expensive, system which doesn’t properly depict their risks. “We have taken a different route where we first take in the bulk of data of organizations and make determinations about those organizations to engage with them with a very clear mind and a picture of what their risk is.”

"MeasuredRisk is transforming the way organizations view and approach risks"

To achieve this, MeasuredRisk leverages the power of machine learning and other forms of artificial intelligence (AI) as tools to mitigate and forecast an organization’s risks.
As of today, the company’s repository holds data from over 30 million companies to which it applies the most leading-edge capability of graph database showing 286 million edges of data, which together can measurably help companies make more robust connections and interpretations for efficient risk realization.

By harnessing the ability of machine learning models to analyse large amounts of data, MeasuredRisk’s advisors help companies drive business efficiency and allow them to immediately see where the greatest risks lie. The advisory services offered by MeasuredRisk covers four core business elements— operations, finance, people, and brand—to holistically assess the multi-faceted array of risks companies actually confront. “We are building real-time decision support for leaders around the world empowering them to make determinations when they need to at that very time,” states Albert.

Another distinguishing feature of MeasuredRisk’s innovative approach to assessing and forecasting risks leverages psychodynamic intelligence analytics—soft and shadow data regarding the human element. Generally misunderstood, underestimated, and subordinated in value by most technology and advisory services firms, MeasuredRisk weights the human factor component as one of the most critical and impactful variables in the organizational risk matrix.

Creating a Niche

An early indicator of MeasuredRisk’s tremendous growth potential is that its platform is already being broadly used by companies outside its core offerings in traditional security. A large hospital system, for instance, leveraged MeasuredRisk’s technology to enhance a derivative of one of its pre-existing medical monitoring systems, deploying it in its operating theatres to better assess the risks patients face while undergoing cardiac procedures. Another client is working with MeasuredRisk to address and mitigate the inherent risks of third parties they are doing business with. Yet another huge market opportunity that MeasuredRisk is focusing on is to white label their offerings. “This presents a humongous scope for our technology to penetrate markets around the globe,” expresses Albert.

Envisioning the future, Albert expects MeasuredRisk to have multiple business units focus on verticals dealing with different problem spaces but all using deep learning as the foundational principle that will help organizations clearly determine and more accurately predict risk.

Albert also plans to leverage his expertise and the company’s capabilities in deception technology—an emerging category of cybersecurity defence for risk mitigation. It is gaining popularity for its ability to detect, analyse, and defend against zero-day and advanced attacks, often in real time. By taking the less trodden path, MeasuredRisk is not only creating a niche for itself but leading a transformation of how organizations view and approach risks.


Arlington, VA

Tom Albert, Founder & CEO

MeasuredRisk is redefining how business leaders see risk by using AI to connect disparate indicators of risk harvested from a multitude of sources