Pulpstream: Risk Mitigation Software Delivers Unprecedented Efficiencies

Pankaj Malviya, Founder & CEO
Every business faces a myriad of challenges pertaining to risks such as cyber invasion and supply chain disruption. Therefore, it is crucial for businesses to architect a robust enterprise risk management framework that holistically manages every risk that could confront an enterprise. This is where Pulpstream steps in. Acknowledging that every organization has a gamut of processes that require separate risk management protocols, Pulpstream built a platform that evolves at the pace of your imagination. Business processes, said Pankaj Malviya, Founder and CEO of Pulpstream, are the crux of all their solutions.

“True innovation can’t happen in a cocoon,” Malviya remarks. “With Pulpstream, enterprises easily digitize risk data to develop actionable intelligence and unlock unprecedented efficiencies.”

The platform’s user interface is reminiscent of business process workflow charts used in academia. This visual representation of a business process empowers line of business leaders to create custom solutions without IT department assistance. With a work stream designer, organizations can change risk mitigation processes as policies, regulations, and technologies evolve. “Whether your team is technical or not, they can use our visual designer to optimize process logic. You’ll never have to maintain multiple code bases again.”

The Pulpstream platform prevents information from slipping through the cracks. It ensures all relevant tasks are completed, escalations are triggered if needed, and notifications are sent via SMS or email. It seamlessly integrates with any system. Pulpstream manage all aspects of risk in one unified package. Furthermore, the Pulpstream platform effortlessly delivers solutions to web and mobile screens through the cloud. Productivity can occur on any device, including iOS, Android, Microsoft Surface, and web browsers (HTML 5).

True innovation can’t happen in a cocoon. With Pulpstream, enterprises easily digitize risk data to develop actionable intelligence and unlock unprecedented efficiencies

To illuminate the broad capabilities of the Pulpstream platform, Malviya offered an example. Interstate Batteries once struggled to engage team. Being a battery manufacturer, the firm had a high-risk quotient. Batteries could explode. Employees handling the batteries could be injured. Hence, it was necessary for the company to formulate world-class risk management and mitigation programs. To keep risk in check, the company partnered with Pulpstream to create a custom, cloud-based solution for web and native mobile devices. Risk assessments and audits are done on mobile devices, while data analysis is done on the web interface. After an assessment is done, data flows from the device to the Pulpstream platform, which crunches the data which is used to identify imminent risks and deliver suggestions to mitigate them. "HQ doesn’t need to wait for a report. They can login and see real-time data about any process in the system. Zoom out to see global data trends. Zoom in to see process details. All on one screen," adds Malviya. As a result of the partnership, HQ-owned and franchised businesses aligned across borders within 4 months.

There are many similar success stories. These stories are the result of the innovation framework that Pulpstream envisages. The product development team speaks with customers to understand future needs and build them into its enterprise application development ecosystem.


Cupertino, CA

Pankaj Malviya, Founder & CEO

Pulpstream is a software platform with risk management and mitigation solutions. Change any solution without coding. Scale at the pace of your imagination