Litéra: Content Integrity Ensured

Paul Domnick, President
Modern organizations need to have greater accountability and control over who can access unstructured documents on their networks. While working on traditional file systems, enterprises lack the ability to get real time information pertaining to modifications on documents. Although these legacy systems provide access control, they require considerable work in establishing user permissions and extracting usage data from system logs. With modern day enterprises, issues related with security and leak of crucial documents is becoming a major concern. “Between the complexities of data protection, governance, and compliance, for most organizations, the new problem is not lack of control over structured data, the emerging issue is controlling unstructured data contained in email, contracts, and other documents,” says Paul Domnick, President, Litéra.

Over the years, the company’s offerings have evolved to address the changing landscape and demands of its vertical. “Everybody is under immense pressure financially to do more with less and to control the quality and security of the documents. Litéra squares that circle and delivers solutions to improve productivity and make both quality and security possible,” says Domnick. A comprehensive content risk management suite of cyber-secure document creation, collaboration, and control technology is Litéra’s answer to the burgeoning problem. For a customer using Litéra’s solutions, there is significant increase in productivity throughout the document lifecycle.

Litéra’s clients are those involved in document intensive workflows ranging across financial, legal, sales, and marketing, life sciences among others. The company has also partnered with other players to enable government institutions to use their secure document lifecycle management technology.

Litéra Galaxy, IRM, and Metadact-e are some of the company’s products that the company has rolled out in the risk management space. For a customer looking for a secure, unified matter management and collaboration software platform Litéra Galaxy is the choice. The product has been engineered with cyber security in mind and enables corporations to collaborate securely and efficiently with external third parties while ensuring the risks of data and content leakage and theft are minimized.

The new problem is not lack of control over structured data, the emerging issue is controlling un-structured data

IRM allows for sharing of files without losing control. Litéra creates the ability for an enterprise to automatically protect various files and Microsoft office objects so that permissions can be changed at any time, enabling retroactive document protection. Litéra’s Metadact-e is a patented, enterprise-grade, server-based metadata solution that previews, cleans, and converts documents in Outlook, Web Access, tablets, and smartphones, as well as desktop-based documents. Litéra Ekta provides a comprehensive view of all documents regardless of their location be it Google Drive, Dropbox to name a few; and ChangePro which enables to instantly compare various types of documents. Apart from Litéra Ekta, there is Litéra Sync: to work from anywhere via secure access.

The mobile versions of Litéra’s offerings are user friendly, easy to install and designed for people on the go. Special measures have been taken to ensure secure connection through corporate network while all functions of desktop version are incorporated on the mobile version. Litéra’s Information Rights Management technology can be configured to ensure accessibility based on permission, person, and location. The company employs corporate security network to ensure that all documents stay behind the network where the custody is maintained by the organization with two factor authentication.

The company also recently revamped ContentHub with HTML5/ mobile-responsive UI and feature for SharePoint integration. Litéra promises to be a solution provider that would ensure the integrity of content anywhere anytime. “We are customer centric and our customer retention rate is well over 99 percent,” concludes Domnick.


McLeansville, NC

Paul Domnick, President

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