Aarsh Management: A Holistic Approach to Risk Management

Sanjeev Newar, CEO
Organizations today are grappling to handle dynamic regulations in identifying, assessing, managing and monitoring the organization’s business opportunities and risks due to the changes in macroeconomic situations. As an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) solution provider, the New Delhi, India based Aarsh Management proactively monitors these changes through a dedicated research and development team which is zealously concentrated on regulations and market trends. The firm provides niche offerings with an agile business model within the space of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC), ERM and Risk Analytics. “Our GRC suite is way ahead of the curve, thwarting the market competition in terms of our compliance with various industry standards such as BASEL, COSO, ISO 31000, IFRS and IFSB,” asserts Sanjeev Newar, CEO of Aarsh Management.

The firm’s Chief Risk Officers (CRO) dashboard––“CRODashEval” provides audience specific, context sensitive analytics to the CRO’s by touch of a button on any mobile device. “We are moving beyond descriptive analytics to predictive modeling to answer key business concerns of risk managers,” affirms Newar. “We have conceived both risk data aggregation and risk reporting (BCBS 239) and IFRS 9 regulations very seriously and have come up with our offerings related to frameworks and products to meet the regulatory requirements mainly for banks and financial institutions,” says Newar.

Additionally, the firm provides several analytic modeling activities ranging from corporate credit rating (PDs, LGDs, and EADs) to retail behavioral scorecards and IFRS 9 Point in Time (PIT). “All the products and professional services, be it credit, market and operational risk along with Internal Capital Adequacy Process (ICAAP), stress testing, CRO Dashboard are all tuned towards our ERM landscape,” elaborates Newar.

In addition, the firm provides one stop solution to its customers by encouraging the concept of “Start SMALL…Grow BIG” over time as their client’s business model evolves. According to Newar, understanding the core of any regulation or guideline is the fundamental reality of business scenario and can be incorporated into work-philosophy for instrumental results.

We are moving beyond descriptive analytics to predictive modeling to answer key business concerns of risk managers

Furthermore, the firm foresees liquidity management as a key to sustainable growth with an advanced analytical suite that complies with BASEL principles. The firm’s risk based internal audit solution along with business implications of audit and risk management functions enhances actionable monitoring of bank operations. “As part of our services’ offerings our consultants act in the capacity of advisors to our clients gaining their trust and professional respect through high price performance ratio and delivering services based on industry standards and best practices,” assures Newar.

In an instance, Aarsh Management designed Operational Risk Management (ORM) framework review and updation for a government-owned bank in Sri Lanka. Aarsh team conducted Gap Analysis of the current risk management framework of the bank with regards to the BASEL guidelines and central bank guidelines which included a whole gamut of risk management. ICAAP framework was also one of the key parts of the project and Aarsh team developed an efficient and robust ICAAP framework and document for the bank. After Aarsh’s inputs, the bank was able to steer forward and utilize latest approaches of risk modeling.

Aarsh Management has laid solid foundations to open their new office in Dubai and also has plans to open a second Global Development Center in South India. In the coming years, the firm intends to be more aggressive with specific offerings that meet the ever changing dynamic regulatory framework and marketing strategies to penetrate new geographies.

Aarsh Management

New Delhi, India

Sanjeev Newar, CEO

Provides niche offerings within the space of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC), Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and Risk Analytics

Aarsh Management