Allegro Development: Solutions to Manage, Assess, and Hedge Risks

Michael Hinton, Chief Customer Officer & SVP
Enterprise risk management solutions play an indispensible role in today’s financial and commodity trading markets. Risk management solutions are commonly sought by trading companies and financial organizations to allow complete control over trading operations. Price volatility, big data, visibility and lack of transparency in the commodity market are some of the imminent complexities that restrict traders to assess, forestall and mitigate potential risks. Further, regulatory changes and compliance requirements of commodity trading companies not only suppresses them financially but also affects decision making on hedging strategies. A myriad of risk management solutions that are relatively inexpensive and easy to deploy, are available in the industry. Yet, they fail to offer its users clear insights to thwart risks that unfold in the commodity trading processes. Allegro, a provider of Commodity Management software solutions helps companies address these challenges and steer them towards business growth and profitability.

Established during 1980’s as an oil and gas accounting software solution provider, Allegro first focused on primary commodities, like crude oil and natural gas, when the commodity market was in its nascent stage. The company was one of the few organizations to develop and build community management software solutions. Today, Allegro’s solutions are sought for its unique capability in helping commodity traders quantify and hedge risk “Allegro was conceived out of the knowledge and understanding of the end-to-end commodity value-chain and evolved by layering features in our risk management solutions that give customers a holistic view of their entire asset portfolio to minimize risk and drive profitability,” says Michael Hinton, Chief Customer Officer and SVP, Allegro Development. “Today, Allegro manages the entire energy spectrum along with other financial instruments impacting those commodities.”

Allegro 8, the company’s flagship product, is a comprehensive suite of CTRM solutions that leverages the benefits of grid computing to enhance processing capabilities of companies needed to meet their growing portfolios. The solution delivers over 41 standardized connectivity components that manage transactions, logistics, and settlements to assess and quantify risks.
The users can configure solution to suit their needs. To sum it up, Allegro 8 manages multiple commodities under one umbrella. “The solution’s flexibility to allow companies to slice and dice all of the information rolling out to multiple corporate entities that are looking for real-time data and strategies to manage risk, is one of our core strengths,” states Hinton.

Many companies have experienced immense benefits and value by investing in Allegro’s solutions. Devon Energy, a producer of natural gas and crude oil approached Allegro to help them streamline their deal validation process and unravel methods to increase market opportunities to sell their products and coordinate marketing, accounting and regulatory functions. “Allegro helped us capture and use all marketing and revenue data and manage risks,” says Debi Chandler, Senior Supervisor, Devon Energy. With Allegro’s solution suite, Devon was able to align its marketing, accounting and regulatory groups while saving millions of dollars.

Allegro 8 is a comprehensive suite of CTRM software solutions that leverage the benefits of grid computing to enhance processing capabilities of energy companies needed to meet their growing portfolios

The success stories of Allegro customers add credence to its market stance as the technology leader in enterprise risk management. For the future, the firm plans to strategically invest and exploit growth opportunities across the global industry platform and expand into adjacent markets. “Our strategy is to collaborate with companies which offer solutions that are complimentary to us,” concludes Hinton. In June, Allegro announced the acquisition of JustCommodity.

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Michael Hinton, Chief Customer Officer & SVP

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