Litera: Enabler of Effective Content Collaboration

Every organization working with unstructured documents today wants a solution that will ensure quality, speed and security, enhancing the productivity (ROI) and control at the same time. “Everybody is under immense pressure financially to do more with less and to control the quality and security of the documents. Litéra squares that circle and delivers solutions to improve productivity and make both quality and security possible,” says Paul Domnick, who sits on Litéra’s board and advises on its business strategy and development.

Litéra, from Latin meaning “letter” or “literature,” is a developer of content risk management software with best-of-breed products to create, collaborate, and control business documents. The company’s technology allows clients to improve productivity, mitigate risk and protect reputation.

Litéra Galaxy, the company’s newest product, is a secure, unified matter management and collaboration software platform engineered with cyber security in mind that enables corporations to collaborate securely and efficiently with external 3rd parties while ensuring the risks of data and content leakage and theft are minimized. Litéra Galaxy is specially engineered to combat cyber threats, and data and document vulnerability ensuring that content cannot be copied, printed, downloaded, or shared across firewalls and allowing real-time collaboration thereby enhancing productivity and efficiency, while operating as a key part of the corporate security infrastructure.

The uniqueness lies in the ability of the software to provide patented simultaneous co-authoring, task tracking, calendaring, instant messaging, and content comparison, all within an intuitive user interface without uploading the content into the cloud or distributing files by email.

Another of Litéra’s products, IRM allows for the sharing of files without giving up control. “We create the ability for an enterprise to automatically protect every file and Microsoft office object so that permissions can be changed at any time, enabling retroactive document protection,” says Norm Thomas, Chief Commercial Officer for Litéra.

Litéra’s market-leading strategy is based on the practice of listening to and observing its clients.
“We take the front line insights that our customers have and marry them to our more than 14 years of experience around the technology of content management, and bring the two things together to develop products and solutions that are simple to use and make a difference in terms of control and quality,” says Domnick.

Spread across the globe, Litéra serves clients that include Loeb & Loeb, McCarter & English, and Blank Rome. Cotton Bledsoe Tighe & Dawson, a law firm known for transactions and litigation in the oil and gas industry, wanted to protect its reputation from potential damage from hidden data in email attachments. The firm’s original desktop-based metadata cleaning tool was not intuitive and required users to manually choose to clean every email. Litéra’s MetaDact-E enables the Cotton Bledsoe to protect its clients’ confidential information regardless of sending device; made possible uninterrupted user workflow due to exception-only interaction; quick installation, and easy administration.

“We set up Litéra’s solution to automatically scrub e-mails with no user interaction, so no training was required—it really couldn’t have been easier,” says Joe Hernandez, IT Director, Cotton Bledsoe Tighe & Dawson, P.C.

The future would witness Litera increasingly penetrating into life sciences and financial industries. “Litera has very strong presence in the legal market. We see more and more traction in financial and life sciences industries because of increasing protection requirement in information security. The future for us is to listen to other regulated industries and extend our solutions to these industries as well as to government which provides a huge potential market for us,” says Thomas.


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