ActionCue Clinical Intelligence by Prista Corporation

Don Jarrell, President and Co-Founder, Prista Corporation and Billie Anne Schoppman, Chief Mission Officer and Co-Founder, Prista Corporation
Don Jarrell, President and Co-Founder, Prista Corporation

Don Jarrell, President and Co-Founder, Prista Corporation

Prista’s flagship product, ActionCue Clinical Intelligence (ActionCue CI), is transforming the way hospitals manage incident reporting, risk/quality management and performance improvement. No other software solution addresses all three functions in a single, collaborative environment.

We know from experience - problems in healthcare are complex. It’s Prista’s mission to make them simple.

With the ActionCue CI platform, information is more readily available, more meaningful, and more actionably insightful for healthcare executives, managers, and clinical staff.  In this way, ActionCue CI helps hospitals provide better and more efficient patient care.

At Prista, we believe software solutions should be easy to use and must provide valuable, actionable insights that can be used to make a difference. To make real improvements in healthcare performance, stakeholders need quick and accurate data. Event & incident reporting with ActionCue CI is easy, meaningful, and 100% focused on outcomes.

ActionCue CI takes care of all the number crunching.  Say goodbye to spreadsheets and free up time for more important things.  Get big-picture insights fast with real-time dashboards that allow issues to be spotted as they happen, reports to be prepared in minutes, not days, and individual Performance Improvement action plans to be easily created, assigned, and tracked.

ActionCue CI was designed by medical professionals on the front lines of patient care who know that time is precious. The intuitive and powerful reporting platform helps clinical staff work faster, smarter, and stress-free.

Billie Anne Schoppman, Chief Mission Officer and Co-Founder, Prista CorporationOne-time data entry, the ability to visualize trends and insights (versus just looking at numbers), and the ability for users to configure the platform to track and display the performance measures that matter most to them are just a few of the ways that ActionCue CI enables clinical staff to work smarter, not harder.

Similarly, Risk/Quality Managers appreciate that ActionCue CI’s detailed reports are insight-focused, up-to-the-minute, and super simple to create. They can get to the bottom of things and quickly get the information they need to take action.  ActionCue CI’s real-time event reporting helps identify issues faster and create plans for improvement.  Furthermore, “everything in one place” means everyone works together and this helps establish a “Culture of Quality.”

From the healthcare executives’ point of view, ActionCue CI helps get their star players out of the office and back on the court by facilitating meaningful, easy-to-read reports that make meeting prep a cinch. Much has been written lately about staff burnout due to “overhead” tasks, and ActionCue CI helps combat that. 

ActionCue CI goes beyond traditional reporting and provides real-time actionable insights so teams can improve patient safety, give better care, and lower costs. Problems are spotted sooner so they can be stopped before they start, and operational efficiency can be greatly improved.

In a value-based purchasing world, reporting matters.  With Action Cue CI, teams can collaboratively work on “live” information and data with one integrated system for staff, management, and executives. This allows factors hurting VBP measurements to be identified and addressed, and that translates to the bottom-line.

ActionCue CI is deployed via the Software as a Service (SaaS) model.  This allows teams to be rapidly brought up-to-speed on using the platform and this means quicker Time-to-ROI.  In addition, the SaaS model means no expensive servers or increases to IT staff are needed. A monthly subscription-based fee schedule that is reasonable and predictable makes for low cost of ownership and is another way that ActionCue Ci creates value.

ActionCue CI helps hospitals nationwide reduce workload, increase reimbursements, and spend more time with patients. Customers love ActionCue CI because it’s simple, collaborative, and insightful. The intuitive action cues make their job easier and less stressful. ActionCue CI enables an environment where all team members can work together towards the common goal of providing great patient care.

Isn’t that what it’s all about?

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