Top 20 Enterprise Risk Management Tech Companies - 2018

With the increasing complexities in business scenarios, insights necessary to drive actionable business decisions related to governance, risk, and compliance become more imperative than ever. ERM augments the health and life of the business. They institutionalize risk management procedures in the organization by standardizing the tools, methodology and people processes whilst monitoring project risks at all levels. ERM delivers better analysis, reporting, and analysis of risks. Leveraging ERM solutions has proven to be an enhanced way of approaching risk management which proactively evaluates risks at a strategic and enterprise level— from the very early level of preparation and planning of company’s growth stage— to identify, categorize and evaluate the potential risks.

The common risk management frameworks and evolved ERM solution programs provide a combination of both qualitative and quantitative benefits. This helps create a more risk-focused culture for the organization. ERM solutions also enables better cost management and imparts more visibility into operational activities resulting in better management.

As the ERM landscape evolves and brings a wide array of solutions, a selection panel comprising of prominent CEOs, CIOs, VC’s and analysts, and CIOReview’s editorial board has selected the top 20 companies providing innovative and cutting-edge risk management solutions. These companies offer robust solutions coupled with effective strategies that help to access risks and boost the business.

We present to you CIOReview’s “20 Most Promising Enterprise Risk Management Solution Providers - 2018.”

    Top 20 Enterprise Risk Management Companies

  • 1

    Provides best-in-class solutions to prequalify, assess, and monitor supply chain compliance

  • 2

    DCT Solutions is a leading consulting firm providing ETRM (Energy Trading and Risk Management) and Compliance solutions to the Energy & Utilities industry

  • 3

    Provides integrated risk management services for government and commercial organizations, protecting them from data breaches, losses, and regulatory penalties

  • 4

    Offers unique enterprise risk management solution for the Power and Utility industry—designed to provide audit-ready evidence, constant situational awareness, and persistent risk assessment

  • 5

    A software manufacturer of cyber risk management technology

  • 6

    JANUS is a vendor-neutral firm that provides end-to-end services with regard to enterprise risk management and cybersecurity

  • 7

    Provider of robust and easy-to-use air dispersion modeling software to consulting companies, industries, governmental agencies and academia

  • 8

    The company’s flexible, scalable and fully integrated suite of applications is used by organizations to manage risk, demonstrate regulatory compliance, and automate business processes

  • 9

    MeasuredRisk is redefining how business leaders see risk by using AI to connect disparate indicators of risk harvested from a multitude of sources

  • 10

    Offers compliance management app that integrates and maps compliance mandates and controls in a central framework

  • 11

    Opus provides a global risk and compliance SaaS and data solution that gives businesses an extraordinary advantage in the marketplace

  • 12

    A Fintech company dedicated to help companies manage investment risk and performance through data management services

  • 13

    Provides AI-based risk management solutions for lending markets such as automotive, mortgage and online retail

  • 14

    Securing third-party remote access for highly regulated industries

  • 15

    SiteHawk is the global leader in chemical data management with innovative, cloud-based compliance solutions and world-class professional services

  • 16

    Provides next generation risk management system for customs, border processing, and other government agencies to effectively deal with threats

  • 17



    Provider of risk intelligence solutions that allow security and compliance professionals to efficiently manage their risk posture

  • 18



    A leading provider of cyber risk management – enabling stakeholders, governance organizations, and infrastructure and security teams to effectively manage technology risk at the speed of business

  • 19

    Origami Risk

    Origami Risk

    Provides customized our cloud-based software to reflect the needs of different sectors within the risk and insurance marketplace

  • 20



    Reflexis helps companies turn strategies into action, thereby enhancing sales for retailers and helps with risk management