Top 20 Enterprise Risk Management Tech Companies - 2017

Enterprise Risk Management is taking the center stage in how companies run their business. Advancements in cognitive technologies, artificial intelligence and data analytics are helping organizations go beyond traditional ways of managing risks by using smart machines to detect, predict and prevent risks. Today, since the entire nature of the risk discipline and their consequences are evolving, organizations should look beyond regulation and cost-reduction and view risk management as a strategic element of their value chain.

Some of the smart devices that comprise the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) have the capability to help organizations detect risk events, derive crucial risk insights and even take immediate actions–resulting in a real-time, pervasive, dynamic risk management environment. With a predicted 20.8 billion connected devices in use by 2020, new GRC challenges abound. IoT developers often overlook security. As cloud computing grows in popularity, the landscape is moving toward XaaS—everything as a service. This will transform business value chains, as data will be able to flow seamlessly and securely across different platforms and infrastructures. The transition to the modern cloud and hyperconvergence not only strengthens their focus on data privacy and security, but also improve the transparency of audits, legal, and regulatory compliance, while refining business continuity planning. On the other hand the risk intelligence gathered from AI and machine learning platforms will also lead organizations to achieve higher levels of performance.

In recent years, since workforces become more mobile, businesses demands new frameworks to deal with the risks and requirements in terms of security, authentication measures, infrastructure security, data encryption, and country-specific regulations. Witnessing this growing challenge and opportunity, myriad of risk management solution providers have emerged to offer their powerful tools that is supported by latest technologies.

Our selection panel has evaluated hundreds of enterprise risk management solution providers based on the ability to assist CIOs and enterprise holders in overcoming the challenges in the sector.

We present to you CIOReview’s 20 Most Promising Enterprise Risk Management Solution Providers 2017

Top Enterprise Risk Management Solution Companies

Provider of 4.0 Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Offers Risk and Process Management solution enabling organizations to effectively achieve risk management

Leading the quantification of cyber risks Cytegic offers the Automated Cyber Risk Officer (ACRO) -an end-to-end solution for cyber risk management

An enterprise security management company that provides an advanced security management and automation to increase security agility, decrease risks, and respond to risks faster

Delivers a one-stop solution for KYC, compliance, and fraud prevention

Software solutions and expert consulting in medical device safety, cybersecurity, quality and regulatory compliance risk management

Hakdefnet offers pragmatic and scaleable risk intelligence and risk management capabilities to enterprises

Provider of real-time risk management systems and market gateway solutions for eliminating erroneous trades in global markets. General market Infrastructure equipment provider

Delivers an intelligent automation approach for financial crime and compliance operations, leading to greater efficiency and cost savings

Provides streamlined front-to-back processing for all financial instruments, real-time risk on commodity hardware, and faster time to market

Delivers enterprise risk intelligence software integrating all areas of an enterprise to identify, assess, and manage risk and opportunities

Pulpstream is a software platform with risk management and mitigation solutions. Change any solution without coding. Scale at the pace of your imagination

Delivers cloud-based risk management and robo-advisory Solutions for the wealth management industry

Offers a unified risk mitigation platform that provides a single point of access to review, analyze, and report on data for global organizations

Offers a proprietary, easy to use, subscription based tool system that allows organizations to manage enterprise risk, risk assessment, and risk mitigation—all in one

TRADESPARENT offers a commodity risk and margin specific business intelligence platform, which serves as a convergence point of data from multiple sources

Traffk modernizes the insurance underwriting process with more accurate data insights and risk profiling to manage profitability, risk and market growth

Specializes in utilizing and deploying technology for the optimization of customs and border processing

Develops innovative software solution integrating end-to-end health, safety, compliance and risk management

NAVEX Global

NAVEX Global

Provides compliance program management software for customers to manage their risks