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Greg Jones, Chief Product and Analytics Officer
While current corporate systems and processes associated with risk management have greatly improved over the last two decades, there is no great significance given to 'the people' component in the “people, process, and technology” equation. This is where Tessera steps into the picture with its comprehensive people-risk data solutions for corporate concerns.

Tessera Data leverages deep institutional knowledge of people-risk data to provide background data solutions for companies and individuals alike. “The risk management that was once only associated with protecting corporate digital assets now encompasses consumers, and it has brought new concerns pertaining to community safety,” says Greg Jones, Chief Product and Analytics Officer at Tessera.

In response, Tessera Data amalgamates sparse/fragmented data sources to provide people-risk data. “We set out with a goal to deliver people-risk assessments with maximum possible coverage, completeness, freshness, and accuracy,” says Jones.

Tessera crafts its background data solutions by first understanding the consumer journey into the criminal justice system and how an individual has interacted with it. Then, it considers all the data output including arrest records, booking data, department of corrections information, court charges, court convictions/warrants, and sex offender files.
This extensive analysis enables Tessera to deliver ideal people-data solutions. Furthermore, Tessera encourages organizations to expand background screening beyond a 'once done and over' process, to something that is carried out at regular intervals with continuous monitoring. For example, if a financial service company hires an employee with a history of insider trading, they should put up guardrails to identify if there is a recurrence. In this regard, a frequent observation/ screening process adds more sense.

Beyond offering corporate solutions for pre-employment verification, Tessera also understands the need to develop background screening solutions for community safety. Many unpleasant live interactions can be avoided if consumers have a better safety framework for socializing in real life. After all, even if someone purchases something from an online marketplace, they can still get assaulted in the real world during the sales meet.
In this regard, Tessera offers people-data solutions for community safety that greatly emphasize maintaining an individual's privacy while devising personal risk assessments. “We neither create any kind of stalker database, nor do we create products that give consumers access to every little detail of a person. However, we want to provide users the necessary people-risk screening data to make informed personal safety decisions, online and offline,” says Jones.

Tessera also differentiates itself from its competitors on several fronts. First and foremost, the firm offers one of the country's most comprehensive criminal databases with extensive coverage. In addition, Tessera is a technology-first company that enables them to curate data through an API. As a result, the turnaround time for the firm to provide the data to a customer is significantly faster than its competitors. Lastly, Tessera's product options are API-driven, while also being available via online client portals and Partner Platforms. This heightens data accessibility, enabling clients to get up and running on their platform in minutes.

We set out on this goal to deliver people-risk data with maximum possible coverage, completeness, freshness, and accuracy

The immense value proposition of Tessera has benefitted many corporations and individuals. For example, Jones recollects an instance where one of their clients, a background screening company, wanted to access better and faster actionable insights. Their existing solution gave 'hard-to-use' data, and it took more than thirty minutes per record to drive valuable insights from it. However, Tessera's solutions enabled the client to perform candidate background data checks in minutes instead of hours and significantly reduced human bias-based errors via their extensive filtering options, which delighted the clients' users.

Tessera is synonymous with numerous such client success stories and has established itself as a unified powerhouse in providing background data screening solutions. It is safe to say that Tessera solutions successfully mitigate the once fragmented processes in people-risk data. Tying back to the firm's grounding principle of revealing the bigger picture for informed risk decision-making, Tessera is helping businesses, people, and communities foster safety and security in all their endeavors.

Tessera Data

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Greg Jones, Chief Product and Analytics Officer

Tessera Data focuses on building a safer future by providing valuable, people data used to drive informed trust and safety decisions, both online and offline. Our industry-leading data is the backbone for background checks used by companies to mitigate risk and elevate the protection of everyone they serve.

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