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Patricia Fisher, Founder and CEO
In today’s digital world, security breaches are growing in both frequency and magnitude. More importantly, they present a revenue threat and should no longer be viewed as an isolated technical problem within the enterprise. Security “has to be viewed in a larger business context, emulating business objectives to be of any value,” remarks Pat Fisher, Founder and CEO of JANUS Associates. Having spent over four decades in the security and cyber analytics arena, right from mainframe days, Ms. Fisher has perfected the art and science of security to steer the journey of JANUS. As the first cyber security consulting firm in the country, (almost 30 years, even before the word `cyber’ could find its place in the dictionary), JANUS has been grounded in its core mission of fortifying security with a business interpretation and focus.

Pat points out the dichotomies between technical and business teams. Most cyber analysts provide IT expertise and deliver automated technical findings neglecting security risk alignment with core business concerns. JANUS provides security assessments with business risks aligned with the technical results. “We help companies re-architect themselves and lay out the next steps to strengthen the entire security environment through a disciplined process that positively impacts their business ecosystem.”

JANUS’ security assessment engagement begins with the company adopting a well-honed methodology categorizing detailed findings with the respective business risk. JANUS’ forte is carrying out manually simulated exploitation to ensure that all assessment findings are real, eliminating false positives. The company’s expert security team ensures that senior management is aware of the relative risk parameters and potential impacts on business objectives and goals. “In fact, we are one of the very few companies whose results a CEO can understand and, as with most engagements, the end result becomes a long-term relationship, extending well beyond the initial project,” adds Chris Kniffin, Director of JANUS Associates.

One key differentiator of JANUS Associates is its discipline of providing vendor-neutral solutions.

We help companies re-architect themselves through a disciplined process that positively impacts their business ecosystem

“We have no affiliation with any software or hardware vendors and don’t resell. This forms a strong base for the trust factor for which we are known.” affirms Ms. Fisher.

Among the innumerable client beneficiaries of JANUS’ services is a large state university with over 40,000 students. Suspecting a security issue within their infrastructure, JANUS was engaged to perform an assessment of vulnerabilities and suggest a set of resolutions to the problems. The remediation proved to be an institution-wide endeavor including a reorganization and reallocation of duties, along with an initiation of processes ensuring the organization worked as a cohesive unit, a systemic deviation from the purely technical issue perceived as the initial concern.

JANUS delivers a unique approach to security consulting. Further, the firm does not rely on external subcontractors, giving them firm control of the overall quality of service. JANUS prides itself in having a team that is well-versed in writing its analyses with a business focus. “The ability to analyze business risk doesn’t come easily to people with either a technical or business background. It takes many years of training and expertise which is our hallmark.” says Ms. Fisher.

For the year ahead, in step with market demand, the JANUS team is also focusing on restructuring IT operations for their clients in order to make all parts of their organization work cohesively and securely. With their guiding values of ethics and integrity forming the bedrock of their 29-year heritage, JANUS is at the forefront of redefining business-driven security operations.

JANUS Associates

Stamford, CT

Patricia Fisher, Founder and CEO and Chris Kniffin, Director

JANUS is a vendor-neutral firm that provides end-to-end services with regard to enterprise risk management and cybersecurity

JANUS Associates