BROWZ: Fostering a Safe and Reliable Supply Chain

Elaine Beitler, CEO
In a world where everything is connected, businesses today are critically challenged to do more with less. Like any other job, procurement professionals who are responsible for sourcing suppliers and contractors are also bestowed with fewer resources to qualify suppliers, collect documentation, and proactively manage their supply chain. With a myriad of suppliers and contractors coming on site every day, managing risks in supply chains becomes a major challenge. Procurement teams need to identify suppliers and contractors that meet government regulations and comply with diverse corporate compliance standards such as safety, insurance, social responsibility, sustainability, employee level certification, etcetera. “This is absolutely critical,” says Elaine Beitler, “but without the right tools, attempting to pre-qualify and re-qualify external players is a challenge that is next to impossible.” That’s where Beitler’s company, BROWZ enters—a best-in-class contractor management solution provider that allows safety, risk, and procurement professionals to develop or maintain safe, qualified, and socially responsible supply chains.

Through recommended best practices, online assessments, third-party validation, patented technology, and personalized support, BROWZ’s clients can be assured that they have the best-qualified suppliers and contractors in their supply chain. Since its inception, the company has worked with some of the world’s largest organizations across more than 3500 sites, in 35 industry verticals, to implement and develop contractor qualification products, which dramatically reduce risk, improve workplace safety, and save lives.

Just as every organization is unique, so too are the ways they measure risk. Unlike many in this space, BROWZ does not adopt a one-size-fits-all approach; rather it takes a tailored approach to proactively safeguard a supply chain providing software that’s easily configured to the needs of the hiring client. “At the core what really differentiates BROWZ is our continuous focus on providing suppliers and contractors with the support that they need to meet their client’s requirements alongside providing high compliance and safety to the client,” says the Beitler. The National Safety Council recently validated BROWZ, and the results indicate that registered BROWZ contractors and vendors significantly outperform national safety averages by as much as 65 percent.
Once selected, an engagement usually begins with BROWZ and the client defining their supply chain requirements. Following this process, suppliers or contractors complete an online assessment and then submit supporting documents based on their client’s requisite. As an independent third party, BROWZ validates and simplifies that information and scores compliance. The entire process is facilitated by BROWZ OneView, an intuitive software where pre-qualification data and documents can be exchanged, and clients identify which contractors currently meet their standards.

At the core what really differentiates BROWZ is our continuous focus on providing suppliers and contractors with the support that they need to meet their client’s requirements

Apart from contractor compliance, organizations can also gain insight into the compliance of contractors’ employees, bringing their training qualifications, certifications, licenses, background checks and more within the purview. After initial qualification, BROWZ continuously monitors these varying data points. Using SUREWorkforce and Employee-Level Data Management, site operators can keep track of their expiring documents, compliant or non-compliant individuals and their employers.

Where greater levels of risk exist BROWZ offers SURE Audit. As part of this solution, BROWZ’s in-house experts work closely with their clients to develop audit protocols that produce objective evidence and results that can be used to assess and improve contractor safety programs.

In essence, BROWZ’s ability to provide assurance that their clients are working with safe and reliable contractors and suppliers is what makes them a trusted partner. Always deepening their product offering, Beitler hints at a major announcement to be made mid-year, “We’ve had many remarkable product announcements in recent years, but with this one, we will change the very way organizations do business with third parties.”


Draper, UT

Elaine Beitler, CEO

Provides best-in-class solutions to prequalify, assess, and monitor supply chain compliance

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