Capgemini: Managing Risk Profiles by Providing End-to-End Services

Zhiwei Jiang, Global Head of Insights & Data
Rapidly changing business dynamics, fluctuating value of foreign currencies, and the never-ending complexities of operating in multiple geographic locations have propelled modern financial institutions to focus more on a robust and integrated risk oversight. From being merely a routine task, risk management has evolved to a critical enterprise-wide requirement. In such a scenario, the management needs a clear understanding of the complete risk exposure across the enterprise and the ways it can impact the balance sheet. Paris-based global consultancy, Capgemini and its Global Financial Services sector have end-to-end services that help such organizations create a high definition image of risk across the enterprise, and help them map risk types and manage risk profiles. “At Capgemini, we are focused on managing risk across a highly complex regulatory landscape. Our global practice and Risk and Compliance Center of Excellence bring together the latest in risk tools and technology, regulatory expertise and analytics, to help organizations ensure they can effectively mitigate various types of risks,” says Zhiwei Jiang, Global Head of Insights and Data, Capgemini Financial Services. “We offer specific regulatory reporting, stress testing, credit risk, market risk solutions, enterprise risk management solutions which provide the unique value of unparalleled risk expertise, proven risk models and roadmaps, along with extensive global rightshore delivery to the market.”

Capgemini bridges the gap between finance and risk with its distinct SaaS based offerings which delivers sustainable value to its clients. The company’s ERM platform supports software suites from Oracle and IBM.

The company tends to look at data acquisition in terms of risk and finance alignment and focuses on risk, and data models. Capgemini has three keys for aligning the risk and finance functions for efficient integration. “We help organizations have a common view of the acquired data on the risk and finance in order to maintain consistency,” says Zhiwei. The second is the usage of layering data assets.
Capgemini ensures that those models are built so that the finance and the risk side of a firm are able to show the data in a way that makes sense for the very existence that they both have and the use they have. The third aspect is that Capgemini works with the firm from testing through securing those very specific risk offerings to ensure that the client gets their required risk model in place.

Capgemini takes the risk out of the company’s hands, so the CIOs can focus on business operations

“We have got the knowledge and the repository within our intellectual property as well as the expertise of our risk team. We not only bestow solution capabilities that clients want, but also the vertical information capability, and that sets us apart from the competition,” says Zhiwei. Capgemini takes risk out of a company’s operations, so the CIOs can focus on core business operations that add value to the customer. The companies’ global Risk Management and Compliance Center of Excellence has successfully delivered over 500 Risk and Compliance projects in the last two years, including 100 Basel projects.

For instance, Capgemini helped a tier one global bank in terms of navigating the BCBS 239 (Basel Committee on Banking Supervision) 14 rules for risk reporting. “In the BCBS 239, programs often get overlapped depending on the size of organization in terms of the C level executives,” says Jiang. Here, Capgemini helped the bank to map the solutions of the 14 principals and also helped them bring in change across the organization.

Moving forward, Capgemini aims to help banks, insurers and capital market companies to make the most of their data and convert them into actionable insights via the use of cloud-based analytics services which could drive tangible value to their bottom line.


Paris, France

Zhiwei Jiang, Global Head of Insights & Data and Karen Schneider, Global Marketing Director

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