Triple Point Technology: Delivers Up-To-Date Counterparty Credit Risk Information

Triple Point Technology was founded in 1993, with a single mission—to provide the most sophisticated and technologically advanced software solutions to the increasingly complex and competitive global commodity markets.

Based in Westport, CT, Triple Point Technology is the global provider of multi-market commodity and enterprise risk management software solutions that enable energy traders and IT professionals to streamline transaction processing. It delivers cloud-based and on-premise applications to handle risk analysis, financial settlement, scheduling, and a variety of back-office functions. Commodity XL, Triple Point’s flagship Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM) software, delivers unparalleled functionality for addressing the energy market’s top challenges including price volatility, regulatory compliance, and enterprise risk management. The software meets all of the requirements for supply, trading, marketing, logistics, scheduling, shipping, risk management, and accounting in today’s complex environment.

Commodity XL for Credit Risk provides a real-time and complete picture of credit exposure and liquidity obligations and streamlines key processes for managing counterparties, collateral, credit limits and credit scoring. This allows companies to reduce financial risk, improve efficiency and respond to market changes proactively rather than reactively. The solution is based on ‘ROME CreditRisk’ - mature, market-proven technology obtained in Triple Point’s acquisition of ROME Corporation, a leading provider of enterprise credit risk management. The acquisition broadened and deepened Triple Point’s product portfolio, enabling it to offer the only complete enterprise risk platform across market, credit, operational and regulatory risk.
Another Triple Point’s commodity and enterprise risk management solution, Commodity XL Strategic Planning and Procurement helps in achieving balance between profitable purchasing, coverage requirements, supply chain movements, risk management policies, and accounting regulations.

Market-leading clients that have implemented Triple Point solutions for commodity and raw material procurement include General Mills, Heineken, Unilever and Petra Foods. For Ultrabulk, a leading dry cargo operator, managing counterparty risk is a top priority. Therefore, to manage freight rate risk, Ultrabulk used to combine several spreadsheets and manually pull in market data from various places to piece together a basic overview. Subsequently, managing counterparty risk became critical. Triple Point’s solution for vessel operations and freight risk management came as an instrumental solution in controlling counterparty risk and exposure by both cargo and vessel. “With Triple Point we’ve eliminated 100 percent of spreadsheets,” says Captain Anders Wulff General Manager and Deputy of Operations, Ultrabulk.

Since its inception, Triple Point has made profound investment in product innovation, people and training to provide the leading software solutions for energy and commodity trading and enterprise risk management. The company offers the real-time solution to manage market/price, counterparty credit, operational, and regulatory risk on a tightly integrated platform. In addition, Triple Point’s ETRM has been recognized as a sought after solution for its completeness of vision and ability to execute.

Triple Point Technology

A global provider of on-premise and in-cloud Commodity Management software