Risk-AI: Timely Risk Insights for Alternative Investment

"Most risk systems resemble the cockpit of a fighter jet or F16 which requires special skills to operate. We draw our inspiration of the dashboard of Porsche 911 which is very elegant and simple. In short, by delivering elegant and cost effective solutions we are trying to democratize the access to risk software.”

With more than seventeen years of experience in financial services industry and having played an integral role in developing state-of-the-art risk management infrastructure and processes for many firms, Aleksey Matiychenko, CEO of Risk-AI believes that “Today firms without extensive IT departments require cutting edge tools anytime and anywhere and our venture has enabled the clients to get quick access to our software."

Starting its journey as a Hedge Fund risk management advisory firm, Risk-AI used practical risk management experience of the founding partners and over the years developed into a provider of risk management software.
Realizing that most software vendors are targeting their solutions towards people who have high level of technical and quantitative skill, Risk-AI offers the same sophisticated tools in a simplified way so that clients do not require quants or risk people to understand the company’s solutions and its offerings could be deployed by small scale investors as well.

Risk-AI’s core product, Risk-AI online Portal, is a cloud based Hedge Fund risk and analysis platform that is offered as SaaS, which eliminates the need for expensive on site installations and maintenance. Risk-AI Online Portal tools are based on the extensive quantitative analysis and due diligence of hedge fund managers. The tools offered by the solution ranges from basic statistical analysis to high-end tools such as Multi-Variable Style Analysis, Market Regime Analysis, Scenario Analysis, and Monte Carlo Simulations.

The company’s solution can be accessed from multiple locations, such as the office, home, investment conference, client meeting or business trips, and can be viewed online from any modern laptop, or even without the Internet access using the iPad/iPhone through its native iOS iPad App. Risk-AI is the only provider of native iOS App for hedge fund research and risk analysis.
The client base of Risk-AI includes hedge funds and investment advisory firms. One of Risk-AI’s clients is an investment advisor which helps investors to diversify their traditional portfolios and select the hedge fund strategies and funds that are most appropriate to match their investment goals. The client therefore subscribed to Risk-AI Portal with major hedge fund databases and uploaded information about the funds via an Excel template available on the Risk-AI Portal. This enabled the client to perform detailed quantitative analysis of individual hedge funds and successfully identify funds that they would present to their investors. The client now constructs several versions of “traditional asset allocation” portfolio using various market indexes and is able to identify which hedge fund strategies (Hedge fund indexes) would fit the target portfolio best.

Moving ahead the company is planning to release the next update of its iPad app and completely redesign the Online Portal, which will make its solution much more productive, dynamic and user friendly. “We are positive that once people experience for themselves the ease of use and significant value that Risk-AI has to offer, our solution will serve as stepping stone of success for many smaller advisory firms, investors and hedge fund managers,” says Matiychenko.


Cloud based Hedge Fund risk and analysis platform that is offered as SaaS